Microsoft - O365 Migration

Microsoft - O365 Migration

Energy client looking to move their 40+ employees from Google Workplace to O365


Client struggles with the ability for their organization to collaborate and have automation across workflows. They also lacked the ability to integrate their managed PC's with the Windows OS they were using. Existing processes that they have used for years required O365 products that they paid additionally for.

  1. Additional licenses for use with complex excel spreadsheet
  2. Integrated team chat and collaboration
  3. Need for conference room management (Team Rooms)
  4. Lack of desktop apps to work offline

Overall Impact

Client was spending additional money for functionality they were not getting with their core provider, nor capable of incorporating their daily processes with their current system.


Our implementation starts with documenting the critical user stories. Understanding their needs allows our team to align specific system functionalities to their problems. The migration required us to take a few things into consideration.

  1. How do we save and prepare your data for migration?
  2. How will client use the new capabilities that exist with the migration?
  3. How can we solve for the asset management and device control?
  4. When is the right time for implementing without disrupting day to day operations?

Timeline - 2 months

With the sensitivity of their accumulated date, we decided on doing a phased roll out. Starting with a group of 5 employees and testing until all data and expectations were met before the next group. The completion of the first group enabled us to finalize the process. We were able to prioritize our resources to migrating and validating all user data consecutively decreasing processing time by 2 weeks.


  1. All devices are now managed by the organization through the assigned office 365 email assigned to each employee.
  2. Team rooms are standard with the purchase of additional hardware.
  3. Excel and other needed apps are now available
  4. New communication channel for collaboration across the organization
  5. Increased security and simpler rollout for new employee On / Off boarding

IN2 Team Size - 3

Project Manger | Developer | Tester


Post implementation includes our team to assist with documenting existing process and identifying new opportunities.