Managed Service

Managed Service

Legal Firm needing IT support for office and remote employees


Organizations with hybrid working arrangement needs IT support more than ever. Having requirements to access secured files remotely and stay collaborative in and out of the office. The need of having an IT department / resource is needed to ensure everything is working optimally. Client had ongoing problems with their technology consistently, from printers, to network issues almost daily. Often enough that their employees started to learn how to map network drives and printers to computers.

  1. Consistent issues that caused company to create workarounds
  2. Data loss
  3. Failure to keep information secure

Overall Impact

Without having an IT resource it becomes impossible to protect your information and keep things working well. When employees begin to create workarounds and learn to fix system issues your are losing a tremendous amount of productivity.


Want to know what it's like to have your own IT team? Well this is it! We deploy and manage all aspects of your technology to keep your operations moving forward. 24/7 monitoring of the network and security of all end points. Including on-site support of all hardware & software plus remote support for the employees on the move.

  1. Implemented new network infrastructure and secure cloud solutions
  2. New employee On/Off boarding processes
  3. Monthly courtesy checkups and expedited onsite visits
  4. Same day remote support for all employees

Timeline - 4 days

After 2 full days at their location we were able to restructure their network to support our managed service deployment. All other requirements were able to be completed remotely and they are now running on autopilot with an IT team being available to them with an SLA of 12 hours


MSP is an ongoing support product. We are available to your organization as often as you need and assist you with any upgrades or installation of any new technology.